How to Use Yamaha FG 700 S: A Comprehensive Review

how to use yamaha fg 700 s review

Regarding acoustic guitars, the Yamaha FG 700 S is a popular choice among musicians and enthusiasts. Both beginning and advanced players will love it because of its superb sound quality and low price. This article will explore how to use the Yamaha FG 700 S and provide an in-depth review of its features and performance. So, whether you’ve just purchased this guitar or are considering adding it to your collection, read on to discover everything you need to know.

Unboxing and Initial Setup

Unboxing Your Yamaha FG 700 S

The first step in using your Yamaha FG 700 S is carefully unboxing it. Ensure that all components, including the guitar, accessories, and user manual, are present and undamaged.

Tuning Your Guitar

Before playing, you must tune your Yamaha FG 700 S. You can use an electronic tuner or a tuning app to ensure each string is at the correct pitch. amaha fg 700 ms.

Getting Acquainted with Your Guitar

Getting Acquainted with Your Guitar


Understanding the Parts of Your Yamaha FG 700 S

To use your guitar effectively, you must familiarize yourself with its components: the body, neck, headstock, and strings. yamaha fg 700.

Proper Guitar Handling

Learn how to hold and handle your guitar correctly to avoid damaging it and to ensure comfortable playing.

Playing Techniques

Basic Chords and Strumming Patterns

For beginners, mastering basic chords and strumming patterns is essential. We’ll provide step-by-step guidance on getting started with these fundamental techniques.

Fingerpicking Techniques

If you’re interested in fingerpicking, we’ll explore techniques to help you create beautiful melodies on your Yamaha FG 700 S. yamaha fg 700 guitar.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning Your Guitar

Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your Yamaha FG 700 S pristine. Discover how to clean the body, fretboard, and strings.

Changing Guitar Strings

Over time, your guitar strings will wear out. Learn how to change them with ease to maintain optimal sound quality.

Is Yamaha FG700S Right For You?

Is Yamaha FG700S Right For You


Guitars with solid tops cost reasonably. The quality and pricing are outstanding despite the fact that it is one of Yamaha’s FG series’ more straightforward guitars. You can’t go wrong with a Yamaha FG700S if you require a conventional steel-string acoustic. I advise it to beginners and intermediate players who want a reasonably priced entry-level guitar but don’t want to buy any garbage. A Yamaha FG700S will handle whatever genre you choose to play with flair. Look on Reverb for old guitars or purchase the Yamaha FG800, which is a more recent model, on Amazon or Sweetwater.

How the Yamaha FG700S Plays

Even tiny, inexperienced hands may easily play this guitar because to its thin neck and firm fingerboard. If you’re a young beginner, you’ll appreciate this. Rub some scotch brite on the backside to reduce the glossy grip if you want an even faster neck. If you love hard-pitch bends or barre chords, the Yamaha FG700S won’t disappoint you. gitar yamaha fg 700.

What People Say

The Yamaha FG700S is well regarded among guitarists. They claim that it has an incredible price-to-quality ratio and is a fantastic instrument for both beginning and expert players. Regarding drawbacks, some feel that the action is a bit excessive, while others wish it had additional features.

This is a great deal for a solid-top dreadnought with a lifetime warranty. You probably won’t outgrow it. And if you do, spending a small portion of what a medium-range guitar would cost on a tune-up and replacing the plastic components would elevate it to new heights.

Sound and Performance

Sound and Performance

Evaluating Sound Quality

We’ll delve into the distinctive sound characteristics of the Yamaha FG 700 S and help you understand its tonal qualities.

Amplifying Your Sound

If you plan to perform on stage or record, we’ll discuss options for amplifying your guitar’s sound.

Yamaha Fg700S Features

As a dreadnought, the Yamaha FG700S is standard. Its solid spruce top, which provides a better tone than laminated tops, distinguishes it from other guitars in this price range. 

The body’s remainder is made of laminated NATO. Die-cast tuners and a rosewood fretboard are on its solid nato neck. The neck is a little narrower than typical, with a fretboard width of 43mm.

The general selection of materials is superior to what is typical in this price range, despite the fact that the nut and saddle are made of plastic. The sound of the Yamaha FG700S will improve with use and is made to last. 

The benefit of genuine wood is that. The X-bracing of the Yamaha FG700S isn’t scalloped, unlike that on the more recent Yamaha FG800 series. The bracing gives a richer tone and increases durability.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Chord Progressions

For intermediate and advanced players, we’ll explore complex chord progressions to enhance your playing skills.

Using Capos and Slides

Discover how capos and slides can add versatility to your playing style and create unique sounds.


In conclusion, the Yamaha FG 700 S is a versatile and user-friendly acoustic guitar suitable for musicians of all levels. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can make the most of your Yamaha FG 700 S and enjoy its exceptional sound quality. Whether you’re strumming basic chords or mastering advanced techniques, this guitar has something to offer everyone.


Is the Yamaha FG 700 S a good choice for beginners?

Is the Yamaha FG 700 S a good choice for beginners


Yes, the Yamaha FG 700 S is a great option for novices because of its low cost and simplicity.

How often should I change the strings on my guitar?

The frequency of string changes depends on your playing habits, but it’s good practice to change them every few months or when they show signs of wear.

Should I buy a Yamaha FG700S?

Anyone looking for a well-priced guitar for a beginner or a second guitar should consider the Yamaha FG700S. For the money, you get value in a nice-sounding, nice-to-play and well-built guitar. Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this review helpful.

Why does the Yamaha fg700s acoustic guitar have X braces?

The reason for this is to strengthen the top part of the guitar to deal with the tension created by the strings when in use. The Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar has Non-Scalloped X-bracing with eight braces. Each brace is responsible for the overall tone and helps modify the vibrations emitted from the guitar’s top.

Does the Yamaha fg700s have a dovetail neck joint?

Along with improving sound quality, the guitar’s physical stability also benefits. The FG700S uses the Dovetail Neck Joint on most Yamaha acoustic guitars. The joint is made without metal components to guarantee the guitar has the finest neck-to-body contact for a high-quality tone.

What is the Yamaha FG800?

The Yamaha FG800, the successor to the beloved Yamaha FG700s, has impacted the guitar community. Building upon the legacy of its predecessor, the FG800 brings several notable improvements.

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