How to Use Pickaso Guitar Bow: Unleashing Your Inner Maestro

how to use pickaso guitar bow

Are you an aspiring musician looking to add a unique flair to your guitar playing? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the art of using the Pickaso Guitar Bow to create mesmerizing sounds and elevate your musical journey.

From the basics to advanced techniques, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Pickaso Guitar Bow?

Before we dive into the intricacies of using this remarkable tool, let’s first understand what a Pickaso Guitar Bow is. It’s a bow-shaped device designed to be used on a guitar’s strings, creating a bowing effect similar to a violin or cello. This innovative accessory opens up a world of sonic possibilities for guitarists.

Getting Started: Setting Up Your Pickaso Guitar Bow

Starting with the basics to embark on your musical adventure would be best. Here’s how to set up your Pickaso Guitar Bow:

Choose the Right Pickaso Bow

Begin by selecting the appropriate Pickaso Guitar Bow for your guitar. Various sizes and models are available, so pick one that suits your instrument and style.

Tune Your Guitar

Before using the bow, ensure your guitar is in tune. This is crucial for achieving harmonious and pleasing sounds.

Rosin Up the Bow

Apply rosin to the bow’s strings. This enhances the grip and produces a clearer tone when the bow matches the guitar strings.

What is Pickaso Guitar Bow?

What is Pickaso Guitar Bow

The Pickaso Guitar Bow is a bow made specifically for acoustic guitars that enables you to play your guitar while creating the sounds of bowed string instruments.

Violating violin bows, which significantly restrict your playing, is no longer necessary.

You can use our bow going forward to play whatever string you like.

One or two strings can be played simultaneously.

You may play the guitar or the bow simply and readily on your own and only use both when necessary. You can even play while playing the guitar with our built-in pick.

The Bow Is Made From The Best Materials Available

Chrome-aluminum body for a great look, sturdiness and durability

Comfortable and sturdy high-quality plastic handle with matte finishing

Premium Bow Hair.

We use hair made by the Herco Company, a Jim Dunlop subsidiary, which provides a quality alternative, unlike the horsehair used on regular guitar bows, without harming animals.

Wood veneer for a warm, rich look

Playing Techniques

Now that your Pickaso Guitar Bow is ready explore some fundamental playing techniques.

Basic Bowing

Hold the bow like a violin bow, with your dominant hand (usually your right hand) gripping the bow and your non-dominant hand touching the guitar’s neck. Gently move the bow across the strings, experimenting with different angles and pressure to create varying tones.

Sustained Notes

To produce sustained notes, maintain consistent pressure on the bow while moving it slowly across the strings. This technique is excellent for creating ethereal, atmospheric sounds.

Staccato Bowing

For a staccato effect, apply short, controlled strokes with the bow. This can add a percussive element to your music.


Experiment with harmonics by lightly touching the strings at specific points while bowing. This produces bell-like tones and adds a mystical quality to your playing.

Advanced Techniques

Ready to take your Pickaso Guitar Bow skills to the next level? Let’s explore some advanced techniques:


Tremolo involves rapidly moving the bow back and forth across the strings. Your music will sound more urgent and intense if you use this strategy.


A glissando is achieved by sliding the bow smoothly along the strings. It can produce a beautiful sliding effect, similar to a slide guitar.

String Bending

Experiment with bending the strings while bowing to create dynamic pitch variations and unique tonal qualities.

Pickaso Guitar Bow

The Pickaso Guitar Bow is a great, new, innovative idea.

It combines a pick and bow to create an exciting sound, giving you hours of fun.

It gives the player a completely different approach to playing guitar, and there are many different ways to use it, meaning there is always something new to learn.

Crafting Your Unique Sound

Crafting Your Unique Sound

Your journey with the about crafting your unique sound. Here are some tips to help you find your musical identity: pickaso guitar bow review.

Experimentation is Key

Feel free to experiment with different techniques and combinations. The Pickaso Guitar Bow offers endless possibilities.

Record Your Sessions

Recording your practice sessions allows you to review and refine your performance. It’s a valuable tool for improvement.

Collaborate with Others

Collaborating with fellow musicians can inspire new ideas and elevate your music.

Where Can I Purchase a Pickaso Guitar Bow?

Where Can I Purchase a Pickaso Guitar Bow?

You can find Pickaso Guitar Bows in music stores or online retailers specializing in musical accessories.

Do I Need Special Strings for Bowing?

While not necessary, using lighter gauge strings can make bowing easier and produce better results.

Are There Any Maintenance Tips For The Bow?

Keep the bow clean and periodically reapply rosin to maintain optimal performance. pickaso guitar bow kit.

Can I Use a Regular Violin Bow On My Guitar?

While possible, a designed for guitar strings, making it a more suitable choice for achieving desired effects.


Using the Pickaso Guitar Bow is an exhilarating experience that can transform your guitar playing into something truly extraordinary. As you explore its techniques and possibilities, remember that practice and creativity are your allies on this musical journey.


What is a Pickaso Guitar Bow?

Introduce yourself to the Pickaso Guitar Bow (Patent Pending), the first bow produced with hair on both sides and designed specifically for acoustic and acoustic bass guitars. I want to introduce you to a ground-breaking guitar violin/cello emulation technique. So join our creative revolution, push the limits of your guitar, and let your imagination go wild! Viewed on.

Does Pickaso Have Rosin?

There are several things to be aware of because it is still a bow. The rosin that comes with Pickaso should be applied to the bow hairs to make the strings vibrate properly. You will also receive this towel to use after using the bow to clean the strings. It would be best if you cleaned off any rosin residue that remains.

How Do You Practice Pizzicato With A Bow?

Practice moving between the two to help you balance your bow when shifting from pizzicato to arco and back. For single-note pizzicato, use the middle finger: this gives the roundest sound. I use the thumb and index finger to support it to produce more of a ‘boom’ than a ‘ping’ ( figure 2 ). pickaso guitar bow thomann.

What is A Simple Bow for Acoustic Guitars?

We’re looking at a straightforward acoustic guitar bow. You bow the strings rather than playing them with your fingers or a plectrum. When a bow crosses a string, the friction causes the string to vibrate, which produces music. But you get one continuous sound instead of one loud attack and slow fade.

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