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What is an Acoustic Drums?

You are probably familiar with Acoustic Drums. These could be considered traditional drums with wooden shells (or often metal in the case of snare drums) and metal cymbals. Electronic drums are pads with rubber, plastic, or mesh drum heads, and the sound is produced from a small box called a sound module.

Why are Acoustic Drums Better?

It is also easier to gig with an acoustic drum kit in many respects. Sure, acoustic drums are bulky and heavy, requiring multiple round trips and a lot of time to set up. But once it’s set up, there are no cables to run, no outlets to trace, and no stage decks to play.

Are there drums in acoustic music?

Virtually all genres of music use acoustic drums, including rock, jazz, country, and hip-hop. There are certain drums and cymbals that practically all include: a snare, a bass drum, two toms, and a floor tom.

Are acoustic drums loud?

Acoustic drum sets can reach up to 130 decibels, equivalent to a military aircraft taking off at 50 feet. In addition to being well within the “dangerous” volume range where hearing damage quickly sets in, the drums are loud enough to travel around the neighborhood.

Should I learn drums, acoustic or electric?

If you want to keep your practice quiet, want hundreds of different drum sounds, need a kit that will help you improve and support you in your music, and don’t want the hassle of maintenance, electronic kits are a better choice.

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